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CB Cebulski, editor de Marvel: “Spanish art schools are definitely stepping up”

junio 16, 2009

No sólo dice esto en su Twitter -mencionado asiduamente aquí- sino que Cebulski se explaya en una descripción de las escuelas de arte italianas -que se benefician de un mercado interno más potente que España, lo que predispone a los alumnos al campo profesional de forma temprana-  y la situación del mercado español, grande en número pero de una insuficiente producción nacional. Una visión desde fuera, no exenta de razón.

“A wonderful young artist I met in Mantova got her first Marvel gig today. Chalk another one up for the Italians!

I think the strength of the Italian art education system is a major factor in impressive abilities of so many of their emerging artists.

Storytelling basics are driven into them while they’re also encouraged to develop individual styles. Not to mention a respect for deadlines.

Plus, the Italian comic market is very open to new artists, so they get jobs and develop strong professional work ethics very early on.

I can’t speak from experience, but my impression is that Italian publishers like Bonelli, Star & Disney are definitely more… (cont.)

…open to trying new artists than U.S. publishers are to testing our domestic talent. Their schools have relationships with the publishers.

Many of the teachers at the Italian art schools still work and publish with the publishers and provide ins for students (¡hey, Cebulski, los italianos no son los únicos!).

Yes, we see it on a limited basis here now with SVA, SCAD, AoASF etc., but not on the same level. It’s something we’re working on improving.

After portfolio reviews in Barcelona, I think the Spanish art schools are definitely stepping up. Their comic market isn’t as big though.

To clarify, the Spanish comic market itself is big, but their domestic comic publishing business does not compare to Italy.

Big Spanish publishers like Planeta & Norma focus a lot of energy on foreign titles, like U.S. comics, bande desinee and manga.

However, that is changing as there are more Spanish artist initiatives being developed by many companies there. “

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